Monthly Muse – April 2012

Here’s April’s Monthly Muse, highlighting beautiful things or ideas we’ve seen across the digital world in the last month. This month features a guest author from Strawberryfrog Amsterdam… drumroll… Mr. Ben Culpin. Thanks for contributing Ben!

COVER STORY: An Ikea-designed town, beautiful or bonkers?

via Tom Keane

With the Olympics coming to East London this year, Ikea have decided to build a village with all of its principles in mind: Will you have to put your house together with an allen key? Will it look good for a couple of years and then start to fall apart? Source: Co.Exist

Paper app, beautiful and useful

via guest author Ben Culpin of Strawberryfrog Amsterdam

This week an app called Paper grabbed my attention. It’s a notepad, sketchpad, and all-rounder for capturing thoughts/creative moments. Until recently, making stuff on a tablet feels a bit gimmicky and in reality it is still easier on a laptop. Adobe Touch App suite is another good example. Source: FiftyThree

Will Google make you look better?

via Matthew Carney

Google’s augmented reality eyewear is coming to disrupt your face and your business model. If you don’t even have to pull your phone out to take a photo, get directions, or message with friends, why would you need to buy the latest iPhone or spend so much time on Facebook? Source: Techcrunch

Keeping my kids entertained. You beauty!

via Saskia Idzerda

Toca Boca is a Swedish gam studio that creates really nice iOS games. First of all, the games are super intuitive. After I purchased their Toca Hair Salon game, I handed my iPhone to my son and in no time he was blowdrying a lion’s hair – no language issues, no explanation or tutorial needed. Sources: Toca Boca & Flurry

Behold beautiful product packaging

via Anna Sardini

So I happened across this amazing website called The Dieline. Its purpose is to define and promote the world’s best packaging design. If you have five minutes take a look at some of the most clever and beautiful package design from around the world. Source: The Dieline

Wallpapers beautiful and strange

via Eduardo Campuzano

Kuvva is your source for beautiful wallpapers. Specially curated for your desktop from some of the world’s leading photographers, designers, and illustrators. Why not have something special to look at when you return to your desktop? Check it out. Source: Kuvva via iTunes

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